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As your wellness travel agency, we seamlessly create your ideal wellness vacation, one that is absolutely customized to your personal wellness needs. What a benefit for you!

We will save you hours and hours of your precious time. 

We can do this by utilizing our personal experience and expertise to research and ultimately design an itinerary that is all about you.

Our goal is to give you the wellness vacation that sends you home feeling better than when you left. We take care of all the details and you just have to pack. Not such bad deal.

When it comes to taking care of yourself while traveling, let us be your guide.


The Wellness Travel Agency Advantage

  Wellness & Spa Resorts

We maintain a list of select outstanding wellness resorts and spas. No all wellness resorts are built alike. We have (and continue to) travel the world to experience wellness resorts. Our travels have taken us as far as Ananda in the Himalayas, India to as close as the Carillon Wellness Resort in Miami. Wellness travel is in our itinerary wherever we go! Let us guide you to the wellness resort that suits your personal needs.


Is it time to hit the reset button for your fitness and health regimen or wanting to lose wight? We can jumpstart your new wellness program with a vacation completely geared towards your well-being and weight loss. Or, do you want to maintain your current healthy lifestyle while traveling the world?  We can recommend locations worldwide that feature state of the art fitness facilities and programs. Ask us about luxury sustainable eco lodges too.

  Active Adventure

It is our job to plan some breathtaking adventure for you.  We can design some not too daring to downright daring activities for you too. Let us help you move your body in the world’s most beautiful spots. Kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, oh my!


Yoga is everywhere. There are outstanding opportunities for yoga practice in simply gorgeous locales worldwide. New resorts are popping up everywhere with yoga studios galore. Excellent instructors and mats are provided. We will find the perfect spot just for you and plan your trip down to the infinite details.

  Wellness Cruises

We have carefully selected list of small ship cruises that emphasize wellness. One of our favorite suppliers is UnCruise Adventures. How’s that for name? Or maybe you would prefer the billowing sails of Windstar that epitomize the ultimate sense of adventure as you sail off into the wild blue yonder. Yoga available on deck.


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We are ready to design…

Your next adventure getaway, your dream yoga retreat or a fitness-focused vacation, pinpoint the perfect relaxing spa and wellness retreat or set you a sail on a wellness-geared cruise.

All you have to do is pack!