Welcome To Cambodia With Pravassa, Wellness Travel Expert Extraordinaire


May 15-26, 2019

Known as the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia will thrill you with a sense of awe, surprise you with its sophistication, and fascinate you with its diverse history and rich traditions. Crowded cafe life gives way to swaying palms and technicolor rice paddies. Fishing villages and tropical wilderness spill out to meet the sea. At every turn, the unbreakable spirit of the Khmer people provides inspiration. In Cambodia, adventure and unrivaled beauty meet.  

Our 12-day / 11-night wellness journey follows our uniquely crafted wellness path, starting in the town of Siem Reap, well known for its star attraction Angkor Wat. It is here that we'll celebrate Viseak Bochea, an important Buddhist holiday commemorating Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. Our time in Cambodia then traverses the country into areas that most travelers don’t often get to see, including a stop in the artistic town of Battambang and onto the coast of Kep, where our journey will end at the sleepy seaside.

Co-hosted by Lena Franklin, renowned Mindfulness Psychotherapist and wellness guide, along with best-selling author and Pravassa founder Linden Schaffer, this mindfulness vacation will immerse you in the spiritual energy of Cambodia while learning the ancient eastern healing approaches of Buddhism and Hinduism. Together, we'll channel Cambodia's energy to support inner healing, as we peel back layers of distraction to embrace our pure, powerful, most present selves.

Jeri Donovan