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Wellness Travel in Austin, Texas: Part 1

I recently had the distinct pleasure of visiting Austin, Texas for a wellness travel experience at two very different health-conscious properties that were both equally amazing. My wellness travel adventure began at Austin Lake Spa Resort. Hands down this has become one of my very favorite wellness resorts for those seeking a spa destination and/or fitness retreat. I utterly fell in love with this all inclusive boutique property with 40 comfy rooms and want to shout from the roofs what a gem it is.

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Relaxation Vacation at Zoetry Aqua Punta Cana

When it is time to slow down and de-stress, it is time for a relaxation vacation at the Dominican Republic's Zoetry Agua Punta Cana. This rejuvenating resort will artfully fulfill your need for serenity in a luxury nirvana offering unparalleled tropical beauty nestled on a stunning white sand beach. During our visit, this amazing wellness resort resonated deeply within our souls and offered us a Zen-like sanctuary where peacefulness filled our days and minds.

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